Section 8 half off on PlayStation Network next week

TimeGate's multiplayer sci-fi shooter Section 8 is a game many of us have written off before. Beginning next week, it will be half price. The sale starts on May 11 and will continue through the 18th. As a $14.99 download from PlayStation Network (North America only, destructoid has been told), it'll be hard to turn this game down.

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1Victor3022d ago

this game look like its aimed toward halo fans with the super jumps and laser guns. anyways halo clone or not looks like fun plus PS3 owners get the maps free wile xbox360 have to pay or so the article said.

ThanatosDMC3021d ago

Yep, it was meant to target Halo fans but they were smart enough to avoid this crappy game.

ATLGAMER3022d ago

It got bad rep because it came out when odst came out...15 bucks....try it out and leave that Mw2 map pack alone

FACTUAL evidence3022d ago

Thanks for the offer though....

Magnus3022d ago

I tried the demo on my 360 and it sucks I rented the game for the 360 and it still sucked.