E3 2007: Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat Preview by IGN

Even in its pre-alpha state, COD4 has more polish than most finished first person shooters. It's one of the finest shooters at E3, and the wait for its release is going to be gruelling. Thankfully 360 owners will have a multiplayer beta to look forward to next month, helping to make the wait bearable. From what IGN has seen, COD4 doesn't screw with the foundations that the earlier Call of Duty games established, and to be frank, it's so much fun they don't give a damn.

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PS360PCROCKS4025d ago

hell yes I cannot wait for this. "over a detailed middle eastern city, the game makes Graw 2's detail look decidedly average" hehe awesome. cod is one of the best series their is. and multi will have bullets going through walls? thank god for that it will be another wrinkle into playing the game...

BADBOYEK44025d ago

has killed the Killzone hype.I know this game is MULTI PLATFORM,but seeing this game run on the XBOX360 has got to be Shocking not only to the 360 fans but the PS3 fans also.