New 360 backward compatiblity update released

Today, a new backward compatibility update has secretly arrived for the Xbox 360, fixing glitches and adding compatibility for many popular Xbox titles.

Every title that is listed now works with the Xbox 360; since they can be played on the console, they will also be fully anti-aliased and upscaled to either 720p or 1080i (depending on your display). If you still own titles that aren't listed and don't work yet, don't worry: it's evident that Microsoft is trying to get the entire Xbox 1 library playable on their next-generation console- just give them some time.

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SuicidalTendencies4023d ago

How did they get Morrowind to work? I'm impressed.

IrishAssa4023d ago

Bought Morrowind 3 days ago ,brought it home , realised I couldn't play it , kept it in some hope an update would come out some there is

marionz4023d ago

after setting up the game and chooseing a car the screen goes black, you can still start a race but it freezes when track loads.....

im guessing its a problem with the emulation but has anyone else noticed this? serious comments only please....

Tommie4023d ago

PGR AND PGR 2! Finally :)

Rowland4023d ago

why MS kept this quiet - why hide good news ? ? particularly as they sure could do with some & this is brilliant news !

Bathyj4023d ago

If I had to guess, I'd say its because its a bit of a case of Too Little, Too Late.

Dont get me wrong, I welcome the update and hope for more, but it sure has been a long time coming and the BC support is still pretty mediocre, even without comparing it to Sonys, which people will of course do.

harpua4023d ago

they are still fixing backward compatibility???

geezus MS get your sh*t together. you've had the worst news week ever and now you try to slip this in.

ShiftyLookingCow4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

look you fanatic, Sony was the star of E3 no doubt, but Microsoft is far from having the worst news week bullsh!t(their E3 was bland because of games only releasing this year), and this news was meant for xbox 360 owners who got old xbox games not you.

genericname4023d ago

hmmm, where do I start. 1.1 billion for fixing the 33% failure rate of the 360, Announcing a possible price cut with no date, a major executive selling off stock before the 3 year warranty announcement, basically a non-presence at get the pic.

dantesparda4023d ago

Guys, can we stop this "Sony is better/360 is better" fanboy war bullsh!t? You people are so quick to start talking sh!t about this, that it's not even funny, just play your respective systems and be happy and stopping trying to make the other guy feel bad. Instead we should all be trying to help each other, as we are all gamers, not enemies, the real threat here is really Nintendo, who if we are not careful will change the video game landscape and not to our advantage. Careful, while we are busy fighting each other, the real threat is sneaking in the back door. Now i agree that its too little to late on these BCs, but i still gladly welcome it, as its better than nothing.

On another note (OT), I sent my 360 in for repair ever since June 22nd, and they've had it since June 28th. And they said that they would have it for no longer than 7 to 8 days working days (or something like that). And yesterday i called them to see if my sh!t had finally been sent out, and they told me that MS is holding on to all console that died from the 3 RROD, for at least 4-6 weeks to conduct some testing on them. Does anybody else know anything about this? Damn, i feel that this is too long. Any comments on some knowledge of this would be appreciated

JIN KAZAMA4023d ago

I am actually starting to feel bad and sad for MS and the 3FixMe. I actually feel sorry for the xbots now. Like TheMart, BaldStar, Thammer1, the crack whores son, NoBizLikeBlowBiz, and many other ones.

ArduousAndy4023d ago

cause we are too busy playing the new gen games and dont have time for the old gen games? Yay ok.

And hey check it wanna know why its taking so long for them to port games over. Because they are going over every game one by one and making a whole new emulator for them to work and look good on the 360. Didnt think of that did you. Of course not. Your too busy staring at games that will one day be coming soon to your system while you play your old ps2 games since theres nothing worth playing right now.

Seriously though out of the last 6-7 months since launch how many hrs of resistance's did you log in since thats all thats really out there?

IrishAssa4023d ago

...Resistance couldn't keep them playing for more than a month let alone 6

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