Nintendo's black Wii console arrives early at Best Buy

Typical, isn't it? A full four days before these things are supposed to go on sale to the North American masses, an image of Nintendo's black Wii console has leaked from none other than Best Buy. This here shipment was actually received in the Great White North, but engadget is more than confident that similar packages are hitting the shipping docks of Best Buy stores everywhere here in the US, too. You'll notice that giant "Do Not Sell Before 05/09/2010" sticker there in the lower-right, but as seen in the past, all it takes is a pinch of airheadedness, a touch of charm and false sense of urgency to snag one early. Godspeed, Earthlings.

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FinalomegaS3028d ago

My friend is waiting for this so he can buy MH3...

Myst3028d ago

I still wish that all colors were available from the get-go.

eagle213028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Walmart has a $179.99 promotion going for a Wii with a first party game like NSMBW. :)