Unreal Tournament 3 Stage Demo Video

Be sure check out this live demo from GameSpot's E3 2007 stage show.

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TheXgamerLive3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I know this isn't a shipped to go version but it was washed out and jaggies abound. Not impressed w/the actual demo version, maybe when I play it, that'll change.

I know this is FPS, but gears at this point is soooo much better.

Mucudadada3901d ago

I'm glad you have played Unreal 3 and was able to come to the conclusion the Gears was so much better. (sarcasm)

Mycococo3901d ago

lol. ut2004 pwnes gears anyday.(not grfx wise but the multiplayer is soooooo fun). ut is deffinately better than halos multiplayer. that is yet to be known about halo3 and ut3 but my mony is on ut. halo stole from ut anyway!

Arkham3901d ago

PS3-PC user mods usability is going to be nutso. That's huge. Uh. Wow.

I think Epic is really unhappy with XBL restrictions. Especially after the GeOW fiasco.

Funky Town_TX3901d ago

Why are the ppl so small. It's like shooting fish in the ocean. Has UT even changed. UT = madden. Also why are the still moving so darn fast.

The_Firestarter3901d ago

Honestly, I'd rather play a fast-paced FPS like UT3, than playing a FPS where it feels like I'm running in quicksand. That's so not fun.

P4KY B3901d ago

But having played Gears for the last 8 months i think the more realistic speed makes for a more enjoyable multiplayer.
It gives you time to communicate with your team mates and plan an effective strategy. (maybe i'm just getting old but thats the way i see it)

Wont stop me buying this when it drops on the 360 though.

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