Silent Hill Origins HD Trailer delivers the HD trailer for the new PSP game: Silent Hill Origins.

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darkvenom3879d ago

this game is going to be so awsome!,can't wait to play this game on my PSP!Silent hill i'm coming back for another visit!....I'm scared!

ArduousAndy3879d ago

in a few years gave it to my dad and bro since there was nothing that caught my eye but this dude THIS is the first time since death jr (reason why i got the psp) that made me touch the hand held. I cant wait

socomnick3879d ago

I find it a bit odd that its a hd trailer for a game that is not running in any hd format :P

LosT---SouL3879d ago

the trailer doesnt seem as creepy and disturbing as the others.. but hey, thats just the trailer.. wish i had a psp >.<

Shaka2K63879d ago

Cant wait for this badboy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!