Player Awarded $1 Million for Baseball Videogame Playing Skills

A young Alabama man has been awarded a cash prize of $1,000,000 for his baseball videogame skills.

Wade McGilberry, 24, of Semmes, Alabama was given the prize this morning by 2K Sports, after he successfully won a contest to be the first person to pitch a verified "perfect game" in Major League Baseball 2K10.

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Marceles2999d ago

Thank god it's over...that commercial was annoying as hell

"get all the cheese...all the cheddar...all the doe...all the money", I wish a baseball flew at that guy's head whoever was doing the commercial

mugoldeneagle032999d ago

This was one of the few reasons to actually pick up MLB 2K10. The Show has been blowing it away recently, same goes for NHl 10 vs NHL2K, and hopefully 2K takes some time off (I know they are in hockey but baseball also?) and start from scratch. I used to be a huge 2K gamer until they started to drop the ball in the late 2000's.

Come to think of it they lost the NCAA BB license too I think. So maybe it's just the sports genre thats taking a beating.

Point is, competition betters the industry and so far EA/Sony have seen none of it.

keysy4202999d ago

people actually played that game