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1UP writes:

"There's a moment in Alan Wake, where the titular protagonist reads a passage that goes, "The new one will be a masterpiece, I know it! You must tell him not to listen to the trolls in the forums saying 'Departure' will never get finished. He should take his time and make it perfect. I can wait." Normally I'd view such a passage as a random piece of filler, but it seems especially apropos in light of the time and the near-vaporware status that Alan Wake has obtained over its long development time. Did Remedy make Alan Wake perfect while taking its time? I wouldn't go that far, but Alan Wake is still a damn fine game."

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toaster2908d ago

Oh dear.. where will the fanboys fight? I see no Open Zone.

BannedForNineYears2908d ago

Yaaaaay! I can say xbot now.
I keed.

darkmurder2908d ago

An 80+ game is still good but considering how long its been in development I'd have hoped it would score higher. Maybe it would have had there been a PC version but hey it still looks good!

4Sh0w2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

well if you read the review, quirky animations, some repetitiveness and diaglue with many references to pop culture is what hurt the rating a bit....which has nothing to do with the platform its on. Still overall anyone who has been really interested in AW for 5 yrs should be excited, unless you only play 9+ games, in which case you've missed out on a ton of games some of which I liked better than their score suggested imo. Almost all the reviews seem to suggest its still a great game for all those wanting a little something different to go along with so many great shooters these days.

Ghoul2908d ago

Cant wait for this game.

new site is awesome btw, very very awesome work out of the view of a designer.

saulx62908d ago

got what a deserves. its a decent game but hype ruined everything it had..

ThatCanadianGuy2908d ago


It was touted as "GOTY" by the diehards, even tho the rest of us knew the moment they cut out the sandbox style and PC version it wasn't going to be the same..

mookins2908d ago

Agreed as well. But still, it seems like a good game nevertheless.

cmrbe2908d ago

the game that suppose to bring parity between the x360 and PS3. Its sitting at around 84 on meta LMAO!!!

sixaxis2908d ago

according to gametrailers, this game is very linear and with extremely bad voice acting, which ruins the experience.

btw, this sites new design is awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.