Fallout 3: More info to whet the appetite

At E3, Bethesda took GamersInfo through a 45-minute demonstration of some of the beginning parts of Fallout 3. Some things that they pointed out, GamerInfo would like to note up front...

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Rhezin4025d ago

is fallout exclusive to 360?

Rowland4025d ago

will also be on PS3 & PC

rayzorn4025d ago

i have played every fallout ever made cant wait for this one. no fallout is coming to ps3 and 360 i also believe pc. i hope it goes to pc since that is where it started. and so happy to hear its gonna be turned based. i woulda had to shot someone at bethesda if they woulda took the turned base outta it. we have enough first person shoters. even though i love them every game does not have to be one.

Captain Tuttle4025d ago

Are the games that got me back into gaming. I've got a soft spot in my heart for this franchise and am really looking forward to this game. I'm a huge fan but not rabid like some. I visit NMA and DAC every once while for laughs...lots of those guys are foaming at the mouth they're so mad. It cracks me up.