Manhunt 2 Meets its Next-Gen match: Campfire for Xbox360 & PS3 Plus First Screens

Campfire is a "reverse survival horror" game. Instead of playing the victim you play the part of a serial killer who stalks and scares his victims before finally killing them.

After a couple of years on hold, the development of the game Campfire: Become Your Nightmare , a survival horror game for PS2 dropped by Sony in 2004, is back on track as a result of Nordic VFX Company's acquisition of the intellectual property rights from Gamefederation.

Per von Koch, lead game designer at Nordic VFX Company says: "With the online capabilities, video HD support and next generation processing power, Campfire can finally become the extraordinary gaming experience we all envisioned back in 2003."

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romaink4026d ago

now why would we wanna do that?

Skizelli4026d ago

Because you can't do it legally in real life?

MK_Red4026d ago

When I first heard about a "reverse survival horror" game in 2003, I was really excited and knowing Sony behind the game, I knew it was going to be a true and dark Manhunt follower or even better, a game where you can be Mike Myers of Holloween or Jason of Firday the 13th series. Then news of its cancelation came (Sony thought the subject matter was to disturbing and controversal)

Now Campfire is back and this time, its also coming to next gen systems. This is E3's best surprise for me aside from Silent Hill5 and Killzone 2 footage.

LeShin4026d ago

I smell a ban coming......

Komrad4026d ago

Very cool. Except that logo reads campTire to me... with that ax.

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The story is too old to be commented.