Assassin's Creed: Jerusalem On Stage Demo Part 1

New Demo of Assassin's Creeds Jerusalem

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DADO3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I feel sorry for the people that pre-ordered this game already. To me it is not as good as everybody was expecting it to be.
The game was supposed to be life like and Assanssin is jumping from the roof tops like spider man.

nextgengaming183999d ago

Funniest thing I've ever seen.

Sangheili853999d ago

OMG AGAIN why do so many of the same things keep getting approved!

Crazyglues3999d ago

For one the purpose of the video was to show that you could go multiple ways and it would be different.

They where trying to clean up the bad feedback users gave of the Microsoft press conference, by showing that the game has a real lot of depth and should not be judge on just one aspect shown in the Microsoft Demo.

Auto4263999d ago

I love they way that they don't kill the guy standing on the ledge anymore. Ever since that MS press conference screw up, they just sneak behind the guy.

Still, I understand that this is just an E3 demo, with 3 months of debugging and polishing left to go. Let's hope they fix all of those glitches.

JIN KAZAMA3999d ago

on how she skipped all the glitches. This game is whack!!!
Please, i hope this becomes a 360 exclusive

JasonPC360PS3Wii3998d ago

Because I bet it still sells better than anything the PS3 has and gets better ratings to.

Scythesean3998d ago

yeah that is why sony won E3 hands down. Dude you are so sony biased you are almost a racist towards them. If sony, Microsoft and Nintendo where different races you would be wearing a white hood with a big burning Sixaxis controller.

Sony delivered on what they said and your just mad so get over it. Your acting like they stole Halo 3 as an exclusive from microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.