New Pokémon to be revealed on Pokémon Sunday

According to the preview of next week's episode and its title, a new Pokémon will be revealed May 9 on the Japanese Children's Variety show "Pokémon Sunday". Co-host Shoko-tan will reveal the new creature during the games segment of next week's broadcast. This would be the third Generation V Pokémon to become known to the public.

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BubbleSystemSuck3000d ago

I like pokemons games... How many Pokemon games are?

Archaic2999d ago

Currently, including only the games released in English, there are currently 41 titles spanning from the original Gameboy through to DSi on handhelds, and N64 through to Wii on consoles. You can find a full list over on Bulbapedia.

Hitman07692999d ago

Cant wait lol, although it would probably be the same as usual?