E3: Halo 3 Bets on User Generated Content

Bungie's Frank O'Connor gave journos an up close look at a small piece of Halo 3's single-player campaign, but new details on the game's video sharing aspect were impressive as well.

Bungie's Frank O'Connor played through an area in the single player campaign on Heroic difficulty level, exhibiting a game that seems much more visceral than its predecessors. The level shown was a swampy, tropical forest where the Covenant enemies attacked the hero Master Chief and ducked behind rocks, trees and other plants. Melee is again a handy component of combat.

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Lord Anubis4023d ago

user generated content?

the article meant community sharing content.

Sangheili854023d ago

this is the same stuff reported as news a couple times in the last 2 days....

razer4023d ago

It's just video sharing.. This is a far cry from what I think people expect when you say User Generated Content. MS is an A-hole about giving up just the slightest bit of the choke hold it has on it's community.

Greysturm4023d ago

Like unreal tournament to get more of those fans into the bag.

Evoluti0n4023d ago

I seriously doubt that.

riqued4023d ago

REAL user generated content only on PS3, sorry...

Bnet3434023d ago

In terms of mods:

PC > consoles

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