IGN: ModNation Racers Review

For the past few weeks, it seems like all I've been talking about is ModNation Racers. Recording video reviews, working on previews, and just chatting with friends -- United Front Games' baby has been on the tip of my tongue. Being engulfed in a game this way can often lead to a person getting sick of the title in question, but that hasn't happened here.

ModNation Racers is just too damn good.

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Xulap2850d ago

I love how Sony now has a lot of variety of AAA games.

When you look at the top games of the PS3/PSP, it's not only shooters. There's something for everyone!

I had a feeling this game was gonna be good. But I didn't expect it to score so high. Great job!

darkmurder2850d ago

But that's not the point, point is this game looks actually pretty cool! Hopefully its better than Mario Kart and not just a good idea like LBP but gets boring after a while.

- Ghost of Sparta -2850d ago

Bummer that the biggest complaint I had about the beta (ridiculous load times) wasn't addressed properly but good to know, nonetheless, that it turned out great.

Will this be available through the PlayStation Store? Honestly I'd like to have it downloaded 'cause I doubt Red Dead Redemption will leave my PS3 for this.

mugoldeneagle032850d ago

I expected lots of 8's & 8.5's but this is a good score, and good review.

The beta was real fun, and looks like I'll have a tough decision ahead of me about whether or not I should pick up this or 3DDGH.

Ugh, I hate being broke when good games come out.

despair2850d ago

got it preordered and now just have to wait. This, 3d dot game heroes and red dead redemption to bide me over for some time :)

guitarded772850d ago

That's my pre-order list too... I think we'll be plenty busy until E3.

willie322850d ago

I can't wait for this game.

atticus142850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I can't wait to get this one probably more so then any other game right now since I at least have a small chance of my woman playing it with me - I just hope she takes losing well, I'm a kart fiend.

cmrbe2850d ago

This came out of nowhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.