Over One Million Enlist In Halo: Reach Beta

Despite running into server problems yesterday causing frustrations for many, the Halo: Reach beta is off to a strong start for Microsoft and developer Bungie.

The studio confirmed over one million unique players logged into the beta yesterday, the first day of the expected 17-day test.

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Columbo2939d ago

1 million users on day 1 is a pretty good feat.

My arena ranking on day 1 was 1450 or close to that. I played a game against Fatality, and he destroyed me.

-MD-2938d ago

I played the other night and had a blast! I haven't laughed that hard playing a game in a long time.

Proxy chat is amazing.

Solidus187-SCMilk2938d ago

my favorite ability is the stealth camo. The jetpack and new weapons are great.

catguykyou2937d ago

Proxy chat has been there since Halo 2. Really cool feature though.

FragMnTagM2937d ago

Can't wait to play invasion and generator defense. Getting a little tired of the play lists at the moment. Vehicles and Covenant vs. Spartans should spice things up a bit. Still a fantastic game and loads of fun. Loving all the nice little tweaks, weapons, and abilities.

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