Stuntman: Ignition demo crashes into Xbox Live

There has been a demo for Stuntman: Ignition released on Xbox Live.

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sjappie4027d ago

deleted it. This game just has no point.

CNIVEK4027d ago

I played it for a few minutes as well, and came to a few conclusions:

1.)It's painfully obvious that this is nothing more than YET ANOTHER sh1tty PS2 port.

2.) We are WAAAAY too deep into next-gen gaming, to STILL be getting PS2-port BS.

3.) The only thing they managed to change from the 1st game, is adding the "easy mode" button...which is really retarded, if you think about how it works. Basically, you're allowed more "mistakes"....which apparently means the movie Director just doesn't give a damn how the movie turns out. Why not just have a checkpoint system, so you don't have to repeat the whole damned sequence, if you screw up at the very end? After all, that's closer to the way it's ACTUALLY DONE in Hollywood; once they capture enough footage the way they want it, they keep it, and go back and reshoot the parts that need improvement...not the whole freakin' scene.