echochrome Screens

Sony says it's looking for a console defining puzzle game in echochrome-a fairly tall order. It certainly doesn't look like anything else on the PLAYSTATION 3, but it reminds us of minimal previous PlayStation gems like Intelligent Qube and Vib-Ribbon.

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Lord Anubis3843d ago

this will be a treat for the brain.

btw, lame kutaku joke towards the end.

MaximusPrime3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

im looking forward to this.

Isnt this game also coming to PSP as well? I believe it was announced at E3. I prefer playing puzzle games on PSP.

bigmack3843d ago

same with killzone 2. its good to be an ps3 owner.

SimmoUK3843d ago

The graphics the detail it's amazing, killzone 2 get off your perch lol, seriously though it looks interesting in a very different way not sure if it's my thing though...

highps33843d ago

It has the type of games I want.

Wonder how many levels this has? Cant wait to play

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