Infamous HD Trailer from E3

Check out the HD Trailer from the E3 presentation of Suckerpunch's new game Infamous. Introduced by the mightily tall Phil Harrison of Sony.

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TruthHurts3934d ago

except for the "electric powers" the "dodging fly cars" the fact the this BLOWS crackdown into "tiny fragments of dust". lol.
oh yeah, and the best part of all its made by SUCKER PUNCH and for the purpose to push a BETA.
SUCKER PUNCH just SUCKER PUNCHED the entire industry.

Mr VideoGames3934d ago

this Game looks alot like CRACKDOWN, but i do like it even though i have a 360 but it might be just like CRACKDOWN but i wouldn't know i wont be able to buy a PS3 until i get a JOB and save 600 bucks so im just not going to get one, no PS3 Games appealed to me at E3 this year all with no Better Graphics or Engine so i think all stick with the 360

LeonSKennedy4Life3934d ago

So, when exactly did 600 dollars become a huge investment? To be playing these 400-600 dollar HD beasts...we're buying 1800 dollar TV's. Where's your logic stand on that?

This game looks like Crackdown? Why, because it has cars in it? The guy has LIGHTNING!!! He doesn't just JUMP and THROW!!! I'm pretty sure this guy could do anything he wanted to.

You can take your bad grammar AND your non-innovative machine and shove them up your arse!

sjappie3934d ago

What's your problem man? We're not bashing or anything, just said it reminds off Crackdown.

Now why don't you change your avatar so we don't have to look at your retarded face, man you look like a total dweeb. You can take your big mouth and dweebface and stickem up yours.

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Lord Anubis3934d ago

not much is known about the game but I will certainly keep an eye out for the game.

nextgengaming183934d ago

Sucker Punch is one of the better developers, so I was wondering when a demo would be shown.

[email protected]3934d ago

Look good. look good. Look good.

I gonna keep my eyes on this one too.

DrPirate3934d ago

Looks like crackdown instead, your not a cop. You're a God. Interesting premise I must say. I liked Crackdown so I'd like this too.

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The story is too old to be commented.