Exclusive Gears PC Content 'Unlikley' to Arrive on 360s

AMN ran into Epic's Mark Rein and lead game designer Cliff Bleszinski during today's E3 2007 events.

When questioned on the possibility of the exclusive Gears of War PC content appearing on the Xbox 360, we found that the while technically possible, the chances are looking rather dim. While Mark Rein dodged the issue more or less, we found Cliffy B to be a bit more cooperative. "If we didn't have any exclusives on the PC, why would anybody have the PC version?" When asked if the extra content was a timed exclusive, Cliffy replied with "to-be-determined...

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Sangheili853842d ago

Saw that coming.. Didn't expect it anyways. Atleast its not Vista only.

pacman6153842d ago

when they showed off the extra content on E3, he was playing the game with an xbox 360 controller, so what the hell are they talking about its not coming to 360? , his friend played it on the pc version, but cliff was playing it with a 360 controller? unless they hooked it up with a pc system, can someone explain this to me?

etownone3842d ago

you do know the xbox controller is compatible with pc, right??


Console gamers have MADE Gears what it is today - I can understand that they would hold back the extra content so we all buy the PC version but plz, Xbox 360 owners have made Gears the #1 Next Gen Game, EPIC should SERIOUSLY consider rewarding their true fans with this extra content after the PC release.

i Shank u3842d ago

yea dude, thats pretty weak if they dont bring it to 360. The Downloadable content the past 8 months hasnt got sh!t on what the PC version is getting from day one

The_Firestarter3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The content will most likely be timed for PC exclusivity. As Cliffy B said, "to-be-determined."

I figured this would happen, too. But couldn't they just release the PC content to 360 users with XNA?

I thought MS made XNA so it'd be super easy to port game/content between the PC and 360? What happened to that? Poor 360 users.

Doesn't the campaign come with 5 more levels? That's what I heard. *shrugs*

Groo3842d ago

Damnit! I want that new game mode King of the Hill for 360! I don't really care about the single player content.

G_CodeMonkey3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Come on, M$ -- get your head out of your butt and allow user-created content for games, not just stupid pictures.. Sony has this, there's no excuse--I know you're trying to protect the bottom line, but give up the protectionist attitude!! Oh yeah, and bring the extra levels to the 360-- Where's VelocityGirl's extra skate parks?!? And (while I'm swinging for the fence), give us news/weather & a browser also! While my Wii browser isn't ever going to replace my laptop browser, it is very fun to watch YouTube/N4G on the tv (and also the Wii weather/news). Don't fear something that will bring in even more happy 360 owners!!! gCM

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The story is too old to be commented.