How Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Is An Apology For Portable Ops (1UP Preview)

1UP writes:

"It seems to be par for the course for Konami: Give a group of folks from the media a couple of days to play through the new Metal Gear game before anyone else. It happened with MGS3, MGS4, and this year, it happened with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Myself and several others played through almost all of Peace Walker ("almost," you ask? Well, read on) over a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice opportunity, no doubt, but by the time this article goes up, Peace Walker will have already been released in Japan, and there's no doubt fans of the MGS series will already have a grasp of the new game's story and gameplay as info pours out from import players. I can't promise to give you brand new insight on the game, but given what information out there, I can certainly supplement it."

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