PES 2011 Details Revealed

Konami have revealed details of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, promising that it will have some of the biggest changes that the series has seen.

New features included a new power bar for each player that allows the user to determine the exact strength and placement of every pass and shot. There will also be new and improved AI for defenders new player animation & physics and improved facial recognition to help improve player likeness.

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nix2875d ago

sigh.. i haven't even played PES10 properly and they're already announcing the new one.

SynysteR2875d ago

I'm sorry but i've herd it all before, All these promising new gameplay features/tweaks etc..
Konami have fell short each and every year since PES6 to an ever growing and brilliant FIFA Series that keeps getting better with each and every game
(FIFA World Cup 2010 is just amazing!) And with FIFA 11 around the corner PES has some serious catching up to do!

Hanif-8762875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I've been following PES10 throughout its announcement of great new features and improved gameplay. However, all that was promised still wasn't delivered even though the graphics were impressive the gameplay fell short, its was really clunky and felt arcady. I really need to see some gameplay before i start trusting Konami/PES TEAM anymore :-(