The 20 Most-Loved Wii Games

Kotaku: Every month we here at Kotaku crunch some numbers and tell you which 10 Wii games get played the most, per gamer, on the Nintendo Wii. Today, we're doubling our efforts. This is the top 20, as of May 1.

Answers to frequently anticipated questions

1) No! This is not a list of the top-selling Wii games. This is a list of the games, according to public data distributed by Nintendo, that get played the most by people who have either rented or bought the game.

2) Yes! Those numbers you see are hours and minutes, tallied from the day the game launched. The average Smash Bros. owner is not playing 70-plus hours of the game each month. That would be unhealthy. They've logged those hours since they first got the game, be it launch day or otherwise.

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