Sony Registers inFamous 2 Domain

Rumors have circulated about a sequel to inFamous for some time now. The first game was quite well received, and following its release last May we heard about a possible inFamous movie and actor David Sullivan tweeted about auditioning for the role of main character Cole who was, according to Sullivan, being re-cast for the sequel. And earlier this year, PlayStation: The Official Magazine reported that Sony was rumored to be revealing inFamous 2 at E3 this year alongside Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. A more recent issue also suggested that inFamous 2 would make it out this year, though they also said the same of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, something that a U.K. retailer doesn't believe is the case.

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jashwin3028d ago

Another inFamous? Awesome! I'm really starting to admire sony's game plan,it's starting to pay off rather well. Let's see who will win the show during this E3!

LordMarius3028d ago

I hope this one has co-op

topdawg1223028d ago

Infamous 2 co-op? Sounds electrifying

Shani3027d ago

Day-1 if it has co-op. And Pre-Order if it has offline split-screen.
Definitely going to get this.. anyway..

Megaton3028d ago

The first one was really good. I've got faith in Sucker Punch, so I expect the sequel to be even better.

JD_Shadow3028d ago

And bigger. Let's see if they can make the next city (or wherever they decide to set the sequel) the size of San Andreas or something massive. Let's see what they can do.

Marceles3028d ago

Yeah, I'm actually interested in what ending the sequel will go by. I'm excited to see the improvements and new moves

hay3027d ago

And with better visuals.

I also hope that story will be at least as good as in first one. Some narrative refinements wouldn't harm either.

I loved the first game, give me some more Cole's goodness.

ShiNe-Box-3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'm looking forward to more boss battles that are as fun as the one with Sasha.

cmrbe3028d ago

The story alone in Infamous 2 is worth a purchase.

unworthyBOZO3027d ago

I loved the story in the first one I'm interested to see where they go.

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The story is too old to be commented.