Alan Wake DLC looking to polish animations and graphics even further

Alan Wake is due next month but already previews are showering praise over Alan Wake's atmosphere and great visuals. But it seems that Remedy is constantly trying to improve the world of Alan Wake, and have confirmed that they've learned a good deal about facial animation through the process of the game and have made improvements to the first DLC pack planned.

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Elven62917d ago

The DLC that will ship with the game or beyond that?

As long as the game runs and plays well at launch I don't mind Remedy introducing engine optimizations through DLC, a bonus especially if they're backwards compatible for the rest of the game too.

Forbidden_Darkness2908d ago

Idk how hard it would be change that in the full game, but if its a pretty big flaw for a game that is story based, they should do it, because the games should reflect life likeness nowadays...