WoW Milks the Cash Cow (aka You)

Ah, success. The sweet smell of success. Nothing succeeds like success. That's what they say. And no MMO has succeeded like World of Warcraft (WoW). Not Diablo. Not Everquest. Not Guild Wars. And certainly not any of the miserable, also-ran vermin who have taken a run at the WoW behemoth, recently, only to be crushed under its cloven hooves and left as MMO roadkill.

So many imitators, so many pretenders to the frozen throne. Yet, WoW is still the MMO success story.

People love WoW. Not just a hundred thousand or so, but millions. Millions of people love WoW. Sure, occasionally they wander off to sample some new, Johnny-come-lately MMO, but eventually they grow tired of it. Eventually you'll hear their lament in region chat, "This ain't WoW." It's so sad. You've all heard the cries of the homesick beasts. It's the moment when the shiny excitement of the new MMO has lost it's sheen and the player's decided to go back to where they're comfortable – It's home. It's WoW.

WoW's player community is vast and loyal. Blizzard, WoW's developer, can depend on them and they know it. But can the players depend on Blizzard?

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