Fanboys Who Believe Steve Jobs About Adobe Flash are Blind Idiots

Sean Nagasawa writes: "You would think that writing for a site named Go Fanboy would somehow prepare me for the continual onslaught of "fanboyism" and blind faith that some gamers have in corporations. But the way in which people eat up the BS Steve Jobs spews about Adobe and Flash being sub-par is just amazing.

Jobs has somehow hypnotized the general public into believing that every other company on the planet is a money-grubbing bandit with low-quality goods that don't last. The entire time he sells this concept, he gets consumers to purchase a slightly upgraded version of his product on an annual basis while simultaneously making them believe the apps monopoly is a good thing."

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vgn242885d ago

duh! If flash was allowed on the Apple mobiles, the app store would go out of business. He's not fooling anyone. Maybe not out of business, but it would take a huge hit.

jphelps802885d ago

Leavesteve (blow) jobs alone.

SnuggleBandit2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Html 5 is better than flash...that makes me a fanboy??

Eamon2885d ago

The thing is. Flash is actually buggy.

I cannot help watch flash videos without it periodically freezing for a second.

Hopefully, HTML5 will replace flash and save the internet =3

Abriael2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Well put. But everyone (besides the blind and deaf) already knows that Jobs is one of the worst players in the industry.

Adobe is guilty of a terrible sin in his eyes: Making photoshop just as good on Windows as it is on Mac (and ripping a good slice of the professional design market away from the overpriced macs).

Of course Jobs is very butthurt about that, so now according to him Adobe is the devil.

kookro2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

As someone who is getting his visual communications degree I agree completely, I use all the adobe products from after effects to flash to sound booth on a PC and it's just as good as if it were on a mac. The best part about it is that the idiots who took 3D modeling (using 3Ds max) with me last quarter bought $1200+ mac book "pros" so they could render "super fast"(the basis of that statement was that a clerk at the apple store told one of the mac fans that, so of course it was true)... in the end every mac book "pro" took at least twice as long to render than my laptop which costs (I bought it around the same time as the mac heads)$600 but none of the mac fans would admit it.

Here is my model of laptop if anyone is wondering, It's $800 now but I got mine for sale at best-buy for $600.

Laughably heres what I found for around the same price as a macbook "pro" while looking at the gateway site to find and show you my laptop.

And of course people won't believe me so here's the link to the mac book "pro".

...and no, you're not reading that wrong, the CHEAPEST mac book "pro" is $1200, the only up side to the damn thing is the listed battery life, 10 hours if you don't run anything, 4 hours if you render.(I got the render battery life from one of the students who sat next to me, he had around 70% battery life left with 3h 20m and he told me it usually says 4 hours when rendering, I have to take his word for it(if anyone can render something semi complex in 3d max and confirm it for me I would be thankful).

Sorry if I sounded like a fanboy but I just don't understand why people continue to support such overpriced products, maybe it IS the battery life.

spunnups2885d ago

I don't know whose side to take, but Its a major pain to everyone that owns an Apple product. If you aren't going to support flash, come up with another option instead of just saying FU and leaving all the Mac users scratching their heads.

PotNoodle2885d ago

No. I'm sorry but while some of the statements from Steve were extremely hypocritical about it being propriety 'n all this, many of his points were completely spot on.

It is too resource intensive for what it is, it is buggy and is limiting progression. Having this mindset does not make you a fanboy at all.

BeaRye2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

So he's not worried that flash on iPhone and iPod Touch would take a big chuck out of Apps?
*edit* Not saying you're wrong, but was wondering about the App Store point.

PotNoodle2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

He probably is, and that is more than likely one of the reasons he is pushing so hard to get people away from it. But it doesn't change the fact his other points are accurate too.

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