Some fans upset over early Halo Reach beta access

Beginning early this morning, Bungie started to give out free Beta access codes which allowed certain gamers to access the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta early. The Beta will be available for most on May 3rd but those with an early access code are playing this very moment. This has upset some fans of the franchise who feel they have wasted their money on ODST.

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3002d ago
JOLLY13002d ago

Why is the internet so full of whiners? It really is weird.

Government Cheese3002d ago

I know right. This is like me complaining about people who won the lottery because I didn't.

-MD-3002d ago

It's slightly bogus to the people that actually supported Bungie in buying ODST but there isn't anything you can do. Millions of people are in the same boat.

JOLLY13002d ago

You get to play it on the day you were told you can. IF you are enough to get a You still get it on the 3rd.

TheColbertinator3002d ago

Hahahahaha take that chumps.I'm not buying some overpriced Halo expansion like ODST.I am playing the Reach beta right now and ODST is not on my game shelf.I was playing Powerhouse and I have to say that Sprinting is awesome

-MD-3002d ago

30 dollars is hardly overpriced for an 8 hour campaign and every piece of DLC for Halo 3's multiplayer.

iheartSONY2996d ago

I paid $60 for my copy. I think it should have been priced at $20-$30 from day one. But all that is water under the bridge. Enjoying the beta.

xino2997d ago

why are they angry? Bungie expected millions of users to buy ODST, no one bought the trash game. So how else will Bungie test their online multiplayer game and see if the sever can handle millions of gamers online at once? How else will they want feedback on bugs for the game?

FragMnTagM2996d ago

ODST selling 4.97 million copies, is not a small number. There are a ton of people on the Beta and it is running very smooth. For the first couple hours, it took about ten minutes to get into a match, but after that small hangup it now works great. Awesome game.

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