Some Retailers Showing a Double Standard?

DualShockers writes, "I've been reading some disturbing reports this week, since I've been following a couple forums focusing on Record of Agarest War. It seems GameStop is having issues putting this game on the shelf because of its Limited Edition packaging."

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Chadness3034d ago

Personally, I'd love to see cute girls over fugly men any day of the week, I don't see why GameStop doesn't plaster their windows with girls.

lociefer3034d ago

WTF an article that makes sense ? report it !

taz80803034d ago

Agarest War seem slike a Mature title by the cover yet it is rated T for Teen. Interesting.

JoelT3034d ago

Boob Mouse pad it comes with?

No need to worry about carpal tunnel with your wrist rested on a nice full rack!

Ninferno3034d ago

i dont even buy games from those places no more

Chadness3034d ago

I would imagine that GameStop isn't the only retailer not putting that game on the shelf, but the experiences I read were all GameStop.

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JoelT3034d ago

guns are good and boobs are bad.

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