Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault: New Trailer, Screenshots and Info

Namco Bandai released a new trailer, a new batch of screenshots and new information about the newest PSP chapter of the Ace Combat series, Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault.

The most juicy piece of information is definitely the multiplayer mode, that not only will allow up to eight players to duel in the virtual skies both via infrastructure and ad-hoc connection, but, for the first time in the series, will include a four-players cooperative mode during the campaign.

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Saeveth2882d ago

I'm guilty of being the sort that would need that beginner's mode. Granted, I don't by flight sims anyway, I may just need practice?

Abriael2882d ago

Yay, I finally found one! :P

saint_john_paul_ii2882d ago

AC4 will always be the best in the series.

Abriael2882d ago

Personally my favourite is 5, with 3 being the close second (just the Japanese edition though, can't care for the maimed western ones).
The story on those two was really the best, while the 4 stroke me as a bit too dry and impersonal.

TheBand1t2882d ago

In all honesty, I thought Zero had some of the best dogfights in the series. And a beast soundtrack.

04 had better story telling though.

Abriael2882d ago

Zero was very nice, the sountrack was absolutely great (the flamenco take on the Ace Combat theme was epic), though the story was again a bit weak and disjointed. I would say.

RememberThe3572882d ago

Were all great. I never got my hands on the first two. But ever since the series left the PS2, I've felt let down. I didn't even finish Ace Combat 6 it was so boring. Ace Combat X wasn't too bad so hopefully this title improves on it's predecessor.

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Philaroni2882d ago

Wish they would give us a PS3 and Xbox AC game. I'm surprised we have not got another one by now.

Abriael2882d ago

They just trademarked the title: "Ace Combat: Assault Horizon"

Though I'm definitely not sure what for. It might even be the European title for Joint Assault for what we know. Though I hope it's not, I'd love a PS3/360 game with co-op.

Z5012882d ago

This video is about a week or 2 old.

Abriael2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It's been uploaded oficially only 3 days ago as far as I know, but since no one posted it, i went on and added it to the mix :D

Greysturm2882d ago

¿You guys up to making an infraestrucutre squadron when it launches?

Abriael2882d ago

My only problem with that is that there's no news about any voice support. Without voice, it'd be a bit messy. I can only dream of a similar game on PSN or Xbox Live, with full voice support. Now that'd be lovely :D

Greysturm2882d ago

No loud music, distracting conversation or annoying people. I think it would be ok as long as they add Metal gear-short messages and attack markers.

I think id only want:

Formation tab = On your six/three/nine, Form on me and Right above/below you.

Attack tab= Ground attack run, Air assault, Focus on that.

Help tab= Help, Boogey on my six and Receiving AA ground fire.

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