First trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 introduces you to the luxurious lifestyle of racing [video]

Strap in for some M.O.O.R. Test Drive Unlimited! Atari and developer Eden Games have released the first trailer for their upcoming Massively Open Online Racing game, Test Drive Unlimited 2. Watch the first teaser trailer, giving you a taste of the open world racing and fantasy luxury lifestyle. Test Drive Unlimited 2 goes beyond the pavement of most racing games and into the "fast and furious playboy life," where you can not only upgrade your ride, but also your home, clothes and more. Both a single-player story or multiplayer experience will be available in Test Drive Unlimited 2, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Hallmark Moment2821d ago

Weather and Night time FTW!

Bodster2815d ago

Looks very good, I enjoyed the first one so will most likely get this :)