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Gamervision: There's a legitimate debate to be had over what, exactly, Super Street Fighter IV is. It's got enough new content to be considered a full release, but its core mechanics are so unchanged from those of its predecessor that it could also be considered an expansion. When Capcom announced that the best fighting game of the current generation would be getting an update, many gamers were confused and upset that it would be coming in the form of a retail title, and not downloadable content. Capcom promised that the changes they made were so significant that they couldn't simply be migrated into the existing title, but many who bought Street Fighter IV at $60 still felt cheated. A $40 price tag for Super helped ease those feelings, especially when you consider what 10 DLC characters would have cost, but the question remained; is Super Street Fighter IV enough of an improvement over its already excellent forerunner to warrant a purchase? I can happily and confidently say that, yes, Super Street Fighter IV is a significantly more robust and fulfilling package than Street Fighter IV, and is well worth the price of a purchase.

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