Eurogamer Iron Man 2 Review

There's a decent game lurking somewhere in Marvel's superhero, Iron Man. Maybe it's even a brilliant game. Sure, those palm-mounted laser cannons mean that he's going to enter most battles with his hands up, looking like he's dead set on capitulating, but he can fly, he can blast stuff into pieces, and he's made of bright, shining Metroid metal.

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ClownBelt2824d ago

Oh Snap...Another failure..

When are they going to learn?

alphakennybody2824d ago

movie to games never worked :/ .yes! "when are they going to learn?".

Rikitatsu2824d ago

Closed a few weeks ago by SEGA, this is their last game.

AEtherbane2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

A game based on a movie is bad! Im shocked!

Curious about the wii version though, since its worlds different.

TheColbertinator2824d ago

I'm surprised SEGA allowed this rubbish to pass through