Massive Game Flaws That We Just Accept

Regardless of whether you've noticed, or whether we're being completely pedantic about this whole issue, a lot of A-grade games have duff flaws in them. And what do we do? Accept it. We play all the way through the game ignoring some of the stuff that in any other title we'd have dashed back to the shop and demanded a refund.

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truehunter2856d ago

COD got hit hard, ppl stil buys it. Where was the time game was 99% Done without online ??

WildArmed2856d ago

Umm.. those aren't really flaws.
More of a design choice.

Sheesh, people made these lil' things into such a big deal

Apocalypse Shadow2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

the list has six....**SIX** sony games on it.or was started on a sony system.and the picture as usual is a sony game.well what do you know.

that's a stuart's mom..."aaahhhhhwelleellaa hhhhwahh."

i know there are games on those other systems that have buggy online,or glitchy gameplay or same enemy types or whatever.

another poor article for hits.and using sony as usual.

SuperStrokey11232856d ago

I did notice that as well but lets get over it, not everything is a conspiracy.