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Top 10 RPGs of All Time

It is hard to argue for a better video game genre than the RPG. No genre before or after has instilled such wonder and nostalgia in the video gamer. When playing the likes of racing or fighting games, one is enveloped by the momentary pleasure of winning a fight or driving as fast as you can to finish a race. The RPG though is quite the opposite of these genres. Anyone accustomed to RPG's knows what they're in store for before the game even starts; Endless hours of game play, always-evolving story lines, and perennial character development. The RPG is for the tortoise, not the hare, and would always prove to bring the most satisfaction to the gamer who was willing to let the parables of patience surround their being. In this list, we go through the 15 greatest RPG's of all time with a focus on the games that were not just games, but timeless pieces of art. (Culture, PC)

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Big City  +   1636d ago
THREE final fantasy games? REALLY?
marcleary  +   1636d ago
3 FF and niether are FF7, how was this list composed.
BaronBullion  +   1636d ago
Final Fantasy 1 was unnecessary. And where the hell are the Dragon Warrior games???
Nicholas Cage  +   1636d ago
Demons Souls is so fk'n great.
it should be number 1 on the list.
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Danteh  +   1636d ago
Amazing, I think they put a title from 1999 :O

Maybe in the next article they will even put a game from the last decade!
halojunkie  +   1636d ago
my list
demons souls and zelda ocarina of time.
Julie  +   1636d ago
On my list i would add Morrowind , Ocarina of Time and KOTOR and for me Baldur's Gate SoA is close to number one with Morrowind , but of course this is a personal opinion :3
DDP  +   1636d ago
Ocarina of Time isn't an RPG. Its an adventure game.
Darkstorn  +   1636d ago
Good for them for remembering the original Diablo. I played the hell out of that game in 1996.
Oh, and KOTOR too.
FragGen  +   1636d ago
If you're not old enough to remember Ultima, you're not grown up enough to make an "ALL TIME" RPGs list.

I'm guessing the guy who wrote this is 25 years old max. He clearly only remembers JRPGs from when he was in middle school.
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Sky Sentry  +   1636d ago
@FragGen - LOL! You speak my mind. We are truly of older times for I don't see too many mentions of the Ultima series. Granted, it is made during the early life of PC but I find its gameplay and storyline very deep and satisfying. I was very attached to the Avatar and was sad that it was over in Ultima IX. My personal favourite was Ultima V and Ultima VII. Ultima VIII and IX was disapointing, though.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1636d ago
No Xenogears = List Fail.
MountainMaverick  +   1636d ago
What a badge of honor being older than 25. I guess the guy who wrote it should write about games he never played that YOU like, right?
Son of Odin  +   1636d ago
I'm over 25 and Ultima sucks. If you think that's better than Chrono Trigger then you need to grow up and start liking games that actually have storys.
BigSwede  +   1636d ago
Agreed. Ultima is NOWHERE near as good as Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana. If you don't like those games, you don't like big stories. Pretty much means an unimaginative gamer who probably plays Joust for fun.
vhero  +   1636d ago
How the heck does Diablo keep getting in these things?? It's a very niche title.. FFVII is also missing.. the sales do not lie and you can't say it sold on it's name as the Final Fantasy name wasn't huge especially on playstation brand back then. FFVII launched the FF brand into a new stratosphere. Also no breath of Fire? No Suikoden? Terrible list..

The ironic thing is they even did a poll on the same site for top rpg of all time and guess which game has majority of votes?? FFVII.. out of nearly 300 voters too.. Just shows how bad it is.
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BigSwede  +   1636d ago
Actually looks like Chrono Trigger is #1 on the poll.
Stoneroses6300  +   1636d ago
If you're going by sales, then Grand Turismo is better than the Legend of Zelda, New Kids on the Block is better than the Who, and hamburgers are better than Steak.
TheThrills4Life  +   1636d ago
Uh...the Sims has outsold FFVII. Just to let you know.
Kriller  +   1636d ago
I don't think Diablo is really an rpg. Good game though.
destructomaximo  +   1636d ago
You collect various item, and you level up. There are character classes. How is it NOT an RPG?
Optimus Prime1  +   1636d ago
Its a hack and slash. That's all.
Walternate  +   1636d ago
Chrono Trigger at #1 FTW.
TheThrills4Life  +   1636d ago
I liked the list a lot. No one can deny that all of these games are amazing.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   1636d ago
Secret of Mana should have been #1. But how are these games missing:

FF Tactics
Neverwinter Knights
Elwenil  +   1636d ago
* Neverwinter NIGHTS, not Knights...
Tony240ZT  +   1636d ago
is it just me?
Or what secret of mana so corny it distracted from the game play? I didn't even get to a point where I could make use of the monsters I grew/collected before turning it off. And being able to make your own map was cool, but also disorganized.
JDPGamer2002  +   1636d ago
Where's Ocarina of Time???
Heroic Janitor  +   1636d ago
I would have liked to see A ZELDA GAME on here. Link to the Past? Ocarina of Time? WTF?
Rikitatsu  +   1636d ago
Zelda = Action Adventure (With some minor RPG elements maybe)
It's not an RPG.
Hixon4Life  +   1636d ago
Zelda 2 is sort of an RPG. But yeah, I wouldn't put a Zelda game on a list like this. Dragon Warrior 3 though...hell yeah. Where the heck is that game on this list?
Norwegians R Dumb  +   1636d ago
Crazy.... no Soul Blazer? What about Lagoon? Anyone ever play that?
ClSmooth  +   1636d ago
Replace Chrono Trigger with Chrono Cross and take out Final Fantasy 1 and Replace with FF7 and the list is a win.
Mike Jones ST  +   1636d ago
You, sir, are FAIL.
Son of Odin  +   1636d ago
Where's WOW?
Gun_Senshi  +   1636d ago
wow is not an rpg lol its a life!
ClownBelt  +   1636d ago
No Persona game? Fail list.
Swedenborg  +   1636d ago
Zelda Link to the Past should have been #1.
Epedemic  +   1636d ago
list = automatic win with CT being #1.
DDP  +   1636d ago
Gun_Senshi  +   1636d ago
haha FFVII Fanboys
Sorry to break it, but FFVII is no where near the gems of FFVI and IV (stupid american names)

Chrono Trigger takes the price, but I wanted to see Xenogears on list
Captain Tuttle  +   1636d ago
No FAllout 1 or 2, No Planescape Torment means the list fails.

And Diablo isn't really an RPG, it's more of an adventure game.
Aphe  +   1636d ago
He also puts the first Baldurs Gate when the second one is far superior. A very strange list, although I do think Chrono Trigger deserves to be in any rpg top ten.

EDIT:Lot of disagrees in here for no reason :\
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Alcon Caper  +   1636d ago
Fallout 1 is the greatest sci-fi (post apocalyptic) rpg of all time.

What a dumb omission...
CLOUD1983  +   1636d ago
Fail list fail..
title say it all..
BeaArthur  +   1636d ago
hahah, I knew it was old-wizard as soon as I saw the title. Learn to do something other than top 10 lists.
wollie  +   1636d ago
FFT must be on the list! best rpg of all time.
thelastawakening  +   1636d ago
Where The F%$# is xenogears?????????
Malebaria  +   1636d ago
No sight of Planescape Torment makes me sad.
-MD-  +   1636d ago
Disagree with this list greatly.
DDP  +   1636d ago
can't disagree with secret of mana or chrono trigger.
jagstatboy  +   1636d ago
Where's Borderlands? (j/k....sort of)
Cenobia  +   1636d ago
I tried playing Borderlands with no internet...

That game is sh!t without co-op (assuming co-op is actually fun, since I haven't played online).
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Tony P  +   1636d ago
"Where's Borderlands?"

Probably on a list of best shooters somewhere. It doesn't have very much in common with real RPGs.
DeMoose  +   1636d ago
Gee. Another top ten list full of games from 1985. I did not expect that. Not. At. All.

Gun_Senshi  +   1636d ago
Sorry to break it to you
but I have yet to play any rpg that is better then Xenogears and/or Chrono Trigger.
distorted_reality  +   1636d ago
Wouldn't that tell you something about the standard of modern RPG's?
despair  +   1636d ago
its strategy rpg but I thought Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best RPGs ever. Just because games are labeled classic or retro doesn't make them the best. Some newer rpgs are exceptional as well.

My top 5 are(*special mention Demon's souls)

Chrono Trigger
Valkyria Chronicles
Secret of Mana
-Gespenst-  +   1636d ago
Very good, but not perfect imo.
Disagree with Illusions of Gaia; Terranigma should definately take it's place.
FFVI and Chrono Trigger were always going to be high up, happy to see them there.
But where's Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII? They should defintely replace Final Fantasy I and II.
And perhaps Persona 2: Innocent Sin should have taken the place of Secret of Mana (Though that's only for me, I don't really dig SOM..)
DDP  +   1636d ago
How can you not dig a THREE PLAYER RPG????? I have no idea why there aren't more 2 player rpgs. if Chrono Trigger was 2 player it would be the greatest game ever made.
xaviertooth  +   1636d ago
where is aaron? its the greatest RPG ever.

btw, RPG stands for Retarded Pig Greenberg? amirite?
Jerk120  +   1636d ago
Wow, that was lame.
chak_  +   1636d ago
baldur's is #1

there is no other options
LittleBigSackBoy  +   1636d ago
FF7,8,9 and 10 would be in my list.And KH2, I liked Xenogears and Crono but I didn't think they were amazing.
Jerk120  +   1636d ago
I'm GLAD Final Fantasy VII wasn't on the list. FFIV and FFVI are far better FF games.

I do agree they should've added Terranigma instead of Illusions of Gaia seeing as Terranigma is the latest and best installment of the Soul Blader (Soul Blazer) series.

Is Diablo really an RPG? I always categorized it as something completely different, not that it wasn't good, it's just something else in my eyes.

Baldur's Gate was an AMAZING PC RPG, I'm surprised that it's not higher than KOTOR and higher on this list in general.

I do agree with Chrono Trigger as number 1, as it's personally my favourite RPG.

As for a few suggestions made on the commenting of the list. Golden Sun, although one of my most valued games, and it pains me to say this, is not BEST RPG material. I mean it's GREAT, but it doesn't quite fit in there.

It COULD work for Mother 2.
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ian72  +   1636d ago
I have only played one game on that list.
That game was Deus Ex, and its one of the best (if not the best), game I have ever played.
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