Amazon Offers Insane Red Dead Redemption Deal

"The battle between Amazon and Walmart continues!

Pre-order Red Dead Redemption (360/PS3) for $59.99 at Amazon and get a free $20 Amazon gift card!

Red Dead Redemption is set to release on May 18, 2010."

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ClownBelt2946d ago

This really is insane. If only I'm interested on this game, I would definitely check this deal.

rob60212946d ago

Wait, Wait, Wait.. What If I already preordered it at 56.99 with the $10 rebate, Do I get shafted on the $20 rebate??

Pennywise2946d ago

Just ordered this game same day delivery and will end up costing me $45.00. I LOVE amazon!

guitarded772946d ago

Yup... pre-ordered after Christmas when the offer was only $10, nice that they doubled it. Amazon is kicking ass with these bonuses.

erathaol2946d ago

Damn Gamestop! Your going to let Amazon/Wal-Mart do you like that? Rep your hood dog.

Government Cheese2946d ago


Just cancel your pre-order then pre-order again. You don't actually get charged for pre-ordering until they actually ship the game to you.

Cenobia2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Do I get $40 back if I buy 2?

Edit: NM, it clearly says 1 per customer.

@Below: Thanks.

ClownBelt2946d ago

I think it's only limited for one household bro.

Darkstorn2946d ago

Might jump on this deal...

ReservoirDog3162946d ago

Preordering this and SMG2 and getting MGS PW for free.

Why do people still go to gamestop again?

Jinxstar2946d ago

I just preordered it and used my 10$ Gift card I got for SSF4 on it so basically it cost me a grand total of 35$... Never going to Game Stop again. I can wait a day or 2 for shipping...

Anorexorcist2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

and yet another example in how market competition only provides more benefits for the buying public. Monopolies FTMFL.

The only question now is: Is RDR a good enough game?

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slargent2946d ago

they have a pre-order guarantee so you will get the $20 Amazon credit. You actually got a slightly better deal (saving $3)...

joydestroy2946d ago

yup, i got in early when it was $56.99 as well ^_^

Ray1862946d ago

I just got off the phone with Amazon. Anyone who pre-ordered beforehand will have to cancel there previous order to get the $20.00 gift card. You will also be charged $59.99 instead of $56.99 It was a time sensitive promotion according to customer service. She canceled my previous order and I had to pre-order it again.

Redlogic2946d ago

I just got done online chatting with a Amazon rep...he said that anyone who pre-ordered RDR when there was a $10 bonus would be eligible for the $20 gift card and if it doesn't come to just contact them and they will credit your account. So Ray, you are wrong!!!!1

BlackTar1872946d ago

i have 2 pre ordered me and buddy for 56 plus i used a $10 on his so i hope i will get $40 credit if not ill call but it would be sweet to get all that money.

i oinly do amazon now with there no tax and im a prime member so free same day delivery plus they give like $10 at minnnum for almost every game i recommend it to anyone .

screw gamestop my family works in the business and they hate gamestop for how they do there business so i will never buy there again. Support the devs and trust me the devs would rather you go thru amazon anyday or anywhere other then gamestop.

Redlogic2946d ago

I swear, that is the exact convo I just had. Now, its possible that the reps are telling some people one thing and others something totally different. But just from my experience, they said if you don't get the full $20 credit to call them and they can add it to your account. Good luck to all of us!!

P.S - you getting it for Ps3 or 360?

BlackTar1872946d ago

im gameflying 360. sucks when i have friends spread out on multiple consoles.

pm your psn or gamer id and we will start a posse. on ps3 we decided to run from the law first and track criminals second.

360 is still up in the air and what we are gonna do.

fyi were normal people.

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slargent2946d ago

thanks for the heads up...

Amazon used to be a bit more accomodating, but good to know.

Ray1862946d ago

Gamers need to look out for each other.

-MD-2946d ago

You got disagrees lol that's awful.

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