Steal of a Deal on GTA: Episodes from Liberty City

PSLS writes:

We've found a steal of a deal on GTA: Episodes from Liberty City that you definitely will not want to miss.

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doctorstrange3003d ago

I wish Amazon UK was as generous, that's an awesome deal for a great game

guitarded773003d ago

Just ordered myself a copy... these $10 credits stack up good, I'm glad I waited for this deal. With my previous round of pre-order amazon credits I managed to pre-order GT5 for $15, 3-D Dot for $27 and ModNation for $3o something bucks... I swear by amazon, I may have to wait a week using the free shipping, but it pays off in the end. Damn I sound like a sales person.

Lifewish3003d ago

those are def. great deals if i owned GTA IV .. plus i have never really cared for the series

user94220773003d ago

Yay, it's so damn expensive in the UK

Sev3003d ago

I really liked these "Episodes"

Much more so than I liked GTA IV.

Niko Belic wasn't likable IMO and I didn't care for his story. The two episodes are what GTA IV should have been.

doctorstrange3003d ago

He was kind of annoying, and constantly spouted cheap sarcasm

T3mpr1x3003d ago

Wish I had waited for this kind of deal! But at least I got the PSN version, which has tighter integration with the main game...

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