First/two day sales in Japan

First/two day sales for MGS: Peace Walker, Super Street Fighter IV, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, and more.

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ClownBelt2916d ago

Huge sale for Peacewalker

I expect a huge boost of PSP hardware this following weeks.

kratos1232916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

great sales fore peace walker maybe 500000 at the end of next friday damn i also want my copy of peace walker
yesssss a new ikki tousen is coming i cant wait(sarcasm)

FinalomegaS2909d ago

"New MGS: Peace Walker Screens Have Lots Of Boobs, Butts And Briefs"

nuff said lol

Pennywise2910d ago

It still makes me sad this was not a PS3 release.

Ghost_Sparta2910d ago

Me too, I really wanted a MGS5 in the PS3! But, in other hand, I must say that I'm so happy to see such a marvelous game coming to my PSP!

Denethor_II2909d ago

Plenty of PSP releases are ported to the PS3 so who knows?

Wrathman2910d ago

2 top 5 xbox 360 releases in JAPAN!

i have to say it..i think the xbox is starting to make a dent in the japan gaming market.

Ghost_Sparta2910d ago

Well, I don't think so!...

zorglub2910d ago

With 2k consoles sold last week I don't think at all. The 360 is definitely dead in Japan.

Being humiliated 10:1 every week by the PS3 is definitely not an achievement.

rockleex2910d ago

Especially with Monster Hunter missions included.

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Valay2916d ago

Very strong, but expected starts for Joker 2 and Peace Walker.

mjolliffe2916d ago

Peace Walker did awesome :)

Ghost_Sparta2910d ago

Yeah , can't wait this coming to Europe,...only June I think...

-Mezzo-2916d ago

Cool, Peace Walker is having great sales.

PS360WII2910d ago

Nice to see Dragon Quest Joker 2 on top :)

Now that Peace Walker is out in Japan hurry up with the localization!

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The story is too old to be commented.