IncGamers: Super Street Fighter IV Review

IncGamers' Nathan Brown takes on Capcom's latest Street Fighter title.

From the review:

"While I have no regrets over the score I gave Street Fighter IV last year there was one thing missing. As part of the generation so blessed as to have grown up with the series, it was always more than just a one-on-one fighter. Because matches were played out with real human company, often in large groups. Winner stays on, pass the pad. Great escapes, miraculous comebacks, hilariously one-sided beastings; all were shared experiences and SFIV was a largely solitary experience in comparison."

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Fyzzu2915d ago

Saw this before - awesome review, with loads of detail. Just hope he's right, as if so, I've got a fun weekend ahead :)

Djorgo2915d ago

Wow, pretty high score

Maticus2915d ago

Awesome review, well-deserved score IMO.