Now Xbox 360 Has a Wife Simulator

In Japan, Xbox 360 leads the way in idol simulators (Idol Master), hostess simulators (Dream Club) and now wife simulators. Idea Factory has announced a 360 game that lets players create and live with their ideal wife.

In My Wife: A Wife Just For You, you create a wife by selecting from five different personalities and physical types. You can customize your wife's name, birthdate and voice. Personality and physical types include such categories as "childhood friend type," "big sister type" and "little sister type."

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Natsu X FairyTail3006d ago

smh. Bout to see some japanese guy get married to his console girlfriend in a few months now.

young juice3006d ago

it seems as though microsoft is being kind of stereotypical in japan, catering to the NEET and otaku.

off-topic: i would love to go to japan. they would worship me and my n9ne inch third leg. but im only 16, my dreams will have to wait :(

no_more_trolling3005d ago

where were u when this happened?

dangert123006d ago

is for the japanese market unless your into this then its 4 u 2 lol