All Points Bulletin: Exclusive Package Video

IncGamers has a trailer from Realtime Worlds which shows what's on offer for players who pre-order the game. Items include costume items and extra emotes.

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Djorgo2885d ago

Exra emotes is really cool. Like that idea!

Maticus2885d ago

That game is looking good... when's it out again?

STK0262885d ago

june 29th I believe, a few days later if you're in Europe though.

NegativeCreepWA2885d ago

I'm in the beta and its still pretty rough, might be a little early to release it. I just pre-ordered it because its a lot fun.

The monthly fee isn't to bad either.

Fyzzu2885d ago

Sounds good. Nothing game-breaking and no massive advantages - just extra cool stuff.

Malfurion2885d ago

After reading all about the game's subscription models earlier, I'm highly impressed by this title. Will most definitely be pre-ordering.

2885d ago