A Warning to EVE, New Space MMO Black Prophecy is in Closed Beta

Free to play Space MMO Black Prophecy has, finally, entered into closed beta and are now accepting applications for anybody who wants to give a shot at what looks to be a beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous spaceship-simulator MMORPG.

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ChozenWoan3000d ago

Looks to be realtime combat (unlike EVE-O) FTW!!!

chak_3000d ago

damn, didn't receive a key :'(

Trroy3000d ago

The limited areas, and stuff to do, for someone who doesn't belong to a large corp, in EVE, makes it kinda un-fun for me.

The player pirates are totally brutal in that game. It's like being killed by spawn campers in CoD who have 10x the regular hitpoints, and weapons which do 5x normal damage, and when they kill you, you lose your last month of weapon unlocks.

In other words... the interesting areas in the game are off limits, unless you belong to a large corp conglomerate (a guild alliance, of sorts), which requires you to *work*, by mining, or pulling patrol duty at the border for several hour shifts. *augh*

If this game doesn't have those same lame issues, I am all over it.

3000d ago

Black Prophecy is a Massively Multiplayer Online Space Shooter with role-play elements focussing on fast and exciting real-time combat space battles. Our approach is to provide quick and easy game fun without the necessity to develop your character over months. So besides the fact that both games play in space, they do not have much more in common.