Is The PS3 The Only Console I Need?

Ben Dutka: Look at it in terms of priority: what would I say are my favorite games - and possibly even the bestgames - of the generation so far? Well, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin's Creed II, Killzone 2, and inFamous. With the exception of two, those are all PS3 exclusives, and the other two were just fine as multiplats on the PS3. As for Mass Effect, I've never been a fan but it seems likely that the third installment will be on the PS3 anyway.

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Nineball21123030d ago

It depends obviously... but I'm doing just fine with mine!

Government Cheese3030d ago

I don't know, if you don't want to play Wii or 360 games then yes, if you want to play them then no..

piroh3030d ago

super-mario? i know it's super but not so much super :)

La Chance3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

edit: article is from "". So nevermind.

Just a PS3 fanboy saying the best console is the PS3.

blitz06233030d ago

Well it's from a fansite so it's not really surprising to see this type of article from it.

On topic, I do agree that one will be fine with just a PS3, but there will definitely be PS3 only owners that would want a taste of some 360 exclusives. It really comes down to what boat you're on. Some people prefer the PS3 games like U2, KZ2, etc while others prefer Halo, Gears, Fable, etc. And of course there's the online experience.

FishCake9T43030d ago

The only console i need is the legend which they call the Nintendo 64. Along with a copy of Golden eye, Perfect Dark and Mario Kart 64....with 2 control pads.

joydestroy3030d ago

i love my PS3, don't get me wrong. but there are some exclusives on the 360 that i'm looking forward to, like Alan Wake and Crackdown 2.

-Alpha3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

All comes down to taste and what you can afford.

There is at least one game on the other console people may want to play. It doesn't have to be a game that makes one want to buy a console, but there is always that one interesting game that you want. The best way to enjoy gaming is to play as many games as you can regardless of console.

With that said considering how much time I have for video games, school, money, etc. the PS3 is more than I can handle. I bought a 360 mainly for Halo Reach and at least I have access to the 360 exclusives now. Still, I ultimately prefer the PS3, especially for its exclusives.


I agree completely, the 360 is rock solid for Multiplayer gaming, especially local multiplayer and especially shooters. However, I am very high on Mod Nation Racers delivering a solid local experience. LBP and Halo are some of the best fun I have had locally and MNR & Reach seem to promise the same.

AnttiApina3030d ago

It's the games that matter and PS3 has plenty of them. I still play mainly at PC. 360 has also great selection of different games.

STK0263030d ago

I love my PS3, as not only can it play awesome PS3 games, it can also play PS2 and PSOne games, it also stores my PSN purchases for my PSP. It's also less noisy than my 360 when playing and is a Blu-ray player.

But is it the only console I need? No, when it comes to local co-op, the 360 has its fair share of games, Perfect Dark, PDZ, Splinter Cell conviction, Halo (3, ODST and the upcoming Reach), Gears, Castle Crashers (can't wait for the PS3 version though), only to name a few. That's not to say the PS3 doesn't have co-op games though. But since there seems to be so few of them overall, having both a 360 and a PS3 is quite useful.

Both consoles have their highly rated exclusives (think UC2, Killzone 2, GoW3, Halo, Gears, etc), and while the 360 seems to be slowing down (in my opinion) when it comes to these, it's still getting a good amount of decent rated exclusives, like Magna Carta 2 and Too Human. Sure, these ain'T "AAA exclusives", but that doesn'T stop them from being enjoyable.

Overall, I'd say that this generation, all three consoles have a good line-up of games, and all three deserve to be owned.

Timesplitter143030d ago

I think you can get everything you want ths gen with PC + PS3 combo, unless you're a big Halo fan

RumbleFish3030d ago

and you don't want to play Wii Sports, probably yes.

DaTruth3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Seeing as how I just got three flashing red lights and am afraid to touch it since, I may need something to play for six weeks. And since Alan Wake is releasing pretty soon, now might be the time.

I'm gonna wait three days(cause that's what I did with every piece of electronics I owned that fried and it works every time), but no sense in having 2 PS3's, except maybe for having two Bluray players in different rooms!

Seriously, whatever electronics you have that fries, always wait 3 days. DO NOT TOUCH IT FOR THREE DAYS!!!! Been working for me since SMS!

ukilnme3030d ago

@ STK026

Agree 100%. For me the consoles are like Pokemon. Gotta have em' all.

Nicholas Cage3030d ago

those are the only consoles i need

DaTruth3030d ago

Prior to now, I only needed one console, just so happened to pick PS3, since I had a PS2 and loved it, seemed logical. Now that I have an excuse and a game I really feel I must play, things can change!

thebudgetgamer3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

i need every console, even the bad consoles have fun games.

unlike that halmark douche bag im a gamer.


TheBand1t3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Best combo is either Wii/PS3 or Wii/360. Considering 90 percent of the library between 360 and PS3 is the same, it'd make more sense to get a Wii over another HD console.

That said, I wanna play Alan Wake and Splinter Cell.

Absolut_Turkey3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

PS3 all the way. I game on it, watch movies on it, go online with it. Even now as I type this, my PS3 is being used by Stanford University to examine the "folding" patterns of proteins via "[email protected]". Yes, I can even help scientist find cures for diseases with my PS3. Philanthropy FTW!

@thebudgetgamer: "even the bad consoles have fun games"...agreed, and bubbles.

darthv723030d ago

I enjoy games to much to be limited to just one console over another. One console in my life...hell no.

One woman in my life....that is another story.

thebudgetgamer3030d ago

i couldnt have said it better.

D4RkNIKON3030d ago

Well put budgetgamer. I have owned a wii and lost faith, Now I only own a PS3 and I am more than happy with my console situation. PS3 has what are referred to as "exclusive titles" as well as "multiplatform". Any game that comes out that I am interested in ends up on the PS3. I am not the least bit interested in the entire Halo franchise. I am a proud graphics whore and PS3 delivers in this area.

thebudgetgamer3030d ago

i like everything video game related. the other day i played one of those little basketball games you get from mcdonalds for like an hour.

darthv723030d ago

i find myself playing those sonic ones from (was it burger king or mcdonalds?) I even dusted off my old mattel football. My kids dont know what fun is these days. I handed them a lynx and they looked at if sort of sideways. Hand them a dslite and they are all over it (not that ds games arent fun as they sure are).

Even playing old console games can be fun. Between plays on my ps3/360 I like to get back into tood adv in slime world.

Persistantthug3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Its got the best graphics, best overall and games that more of the better games that can't be played anywhere else, meaning...its more of a unique and not GENERIC experience.

That said, there are some games that I would like to play on the 360...Like Mass Effect 2 (My computer is an old single core), Gears, and maybe Fable.
However, those are games that I don't HAVE TO play. Would be nice, but because I'm busy with the PS3 and all it offers, it's not a "need".

My take.

thebudgetgamer3030d ago

he looked at it and said, hey this isnt a psp. he hasnt stoped playing it. i forgot how hard that thing is on batteries.

Darkstorn3030d ago

There is no single console that will offer you everything. I had an original Xbox last gen, and converted to the PS3 this gen because I liked the hardware and the game lineup. However, that means I don't get to play continuations of the old series that I loved (like Fable, Halo, etc.) without buying a 360.

Until the 360 drops in price considerably, I'm sticking to my PS3. But the PS3 is NOT the only console that offers enjoyable and unique games.

Army_of_Darkness3030d ago

No other console has crossed my mind since the first year I got it.

WildArmed3030d ago

Umm.. yeah.
But it's also that the other way around.

For the last few months I've only played the ps3...
back in 07, I played the 360 only for months.

So yeah, you need only one console if it satisfies you.

I know I'd be satisfied if i owned a 360 or ps3 as my lone console.

I probably wouldn't be satisfied as a PC or wii only gamer.

It's just my opinion. I'm sure many people only need PC too.

FragGen3030d ago

I'm glad I can afford all of them, personally, although I admit the PS3 is definitely my "desert island" console.

DaTruth3030d ago

You guys think this is interesting now? Wait till the submissions shut down and we have nothing to do but revisit the same comment sections.

People will receive their replies like never before! The flames are gonna burn this week!

vhero3029d ago

Now Halo has gone and Gears 3 is not 100% nailed on lifetime exclusive. Seems 360 practically has no true exclusives left so if you have a decent PC then yeah all you need is a PS3. Mass Effect, Splinter Cell etc are all on PC and look better on a PC and cheaper to boot so devs are truly giving us any reasons to buy a 360. Halo was the only true 360 great exclusive IP left and that's gone now. (Alan Wake is not great yet as its not come out lets wait for release before we start).

However saying that you can still get a 360 cheaper than PS3 and if you are not interested in ANY of the PS3 exclusive games then the 360 is definitely for you and you can save a bit of cash :). Just don't try getting accessories for it as the PS3 would be the cheaper option then lol.

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Raoh3030d ago

I'm happy with my PS3 and PC combo ability to play all the ps3 exclusives, console multiplayer and 95% of everything else not on ps3

presto7173030d ago

same here man. same here.

table3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

That's what I play as well but on occasions the 360 gets exclusive games not on the PC. I was dissapointed when it was decided that Halo was no longer to be made for it and now other titles such as Alan Wake. Is it worth me buying a 360 for 2 games? Probably not, but for people who don't game on PC the 360 is a must; unless of course you are a casual gamer who indulges in gaming for the odd major title(CoD/Sports Games) then of course one console is enough.

SKCShifty3030d ago

Hell NO.....i'm happy with my xbox 360 which also has the best looking game to date this gen Alan Wake which i'm afraid even the ps3 will struggle to top those graphics this gen.

Phil Mc Crackin3030d ago

Alan wake best graphics? Can't be done on ps3? Lay off the lead paint chips fellah.

3030d ago
kratos1233030d ago

ahhahaahahah lol hahahhahahaahha that was a good jo.... oh your serious

-Alpha3030d ago

Best Looking Game to date this gen is Alan Wake?

Crysis says "Wake Up"

vhero3029d ago

Can people just remove bubbles of people like SKCshifty please I mean do we really need people like him posting here?

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talltony3030d ago

However my 360 will be on Alot more for Alan wake, reach, and gears 3. Those are the only 360 games I am looking forward to.