Rockstar Answers Your Questions about Red Dead's Multiplayer

GamesOnSmash writes, "Rockstar Games has recently answered a vast amount of questions about the multiplayer of their upcoming mega-title Red Dead Redemption. They reveal plans for auto-aim, if your character can swim, and why they have limited the game lobby to 16 people."

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Redlogic2882d ago

i really can't wait for this. its only weeks away and this interview makes me want it even more. if thats possible...

Mucudadada2882d ago

Ya, I think R* learned a lot from GTAIV that will make this one a better game. Not to mention I just love me some Westerns!

ASSASSYN 36o2882d ago

I knew you couldn't run your horse off of a cliff. That sucks, I wanted to do some dramatic deaths.