Has a game ever made you feel really morally uncomfortable?

GamesRadar: Bumping off Little Sisters in BioShock? No problem. Being a sociopathic asshole in Liberty City? Love it. Carrying on like a cheap philandering slut in Fable 2? I didn't even use a condom!

As a relatively sane person, I've never had a problem keeping what is 'Real' and what is 'Not Real' separate in my head. Just because I enjoyed playing Manhunt doesn't mean that my moral code includes a by-line advocating the real-world use of plastic bags to violently asphyxiate shaven-headed men.

But for the first time ever, playing a game that flies in the face of my own personal ethics has made me feel... uncomfortable. The game? Monster Hunter Tri. Yes, the one with dinosaurs and dragons in it.

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AliTheBrit192945d ago

You know a game is good when it came make you FEEL anything.