How gritty western obsessions are murdering Japanese games

GamesRadar: You might have heard that Square-Enix has set up a new publishing label in Japan, one going by the hilariously '90s-style moniker of Square-Enix Extreme Edge. As trite as a David Cage-scripted episode of Dawson's Creek, that darker, grittier naming is no coincidence, as the sub-label is intended to handle more violent, mature western fare in the east.

While right now its duties will be limited to bringing the likes of Kane & Lynch 2 to Japanese players, the label's existence does raise a larger issue. With Japanese companies increasingly pandering to perceived western tastes of action, violence and general grimness, should we be worried that a publisher so synonymous with delicate, affecting, character-driven works such as Squenix is embracing that side of things so wholeheartedly, and now officially?

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