Sony Patent Shows PlayStation Controller Plugged Into PSP

PSPgo lets users control PSP games with a PlayStation 3 controller. Nifty, but what if you have a regular PSP? Well, there's this idea.

Sony Computer Entertainment America kicked around the idea of connecting a PSP directly to a standard PlayStation controller. A patent outlines two ideas. One uses a hinged PSP case locked on a regular controller. Another solution has users plug their PSP into a special controller

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NateNater2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Does anyone else think plugging a PS3 controller into PSP like that and playing it would seem kind of awkward? It also looks like it would be heavy on the PSP's end. An uneven distribution of weight.

himdeel2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

...the weight distribution does seems like it would be awkward and god forbid it's not secure and you drop you PSP. I think they are trying to find ways around a redesign to accommodate a second nub/analog stick. SONY KNOWS a second nub is needed and this just seems like a poor man design/work around for a quick and cheap fix.

whateva2978d ago

that would make it like the PSPgo so you can use the DS3 through bluetooth.

PoSTedUP2978d ago

i dont like it, id rather play it with one analogue stick. the second one should be built in to the psp. and maybe for the first psp with the weight problem, the slim is really light weight.

TreMillz2978d ago

I always thought Sony would just make a 4000 with bluetooth and the pause and save feature, but I guess PSP2 is more likely. This seem a little funny though, the weight between PSP and a DS3 could hurt some peoples hands.

Noob2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

And don't forget about this..


The PSPgo

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Dylantalon12978d ago

this is brilliant. anyway, i cant wait for psp 2.

quiddd2978d ago

for a second analog you got three

washingmachine2978d ago

just to beable to plug in a ps3 controller via usb is good enuff for me,but no,they make it so you have to buy the latest psp to get that feature lol.

psp isnt any good for fps and if they did allow such a patch id sure wonna play some old psp fps.

just allow for psp play on the ps3 system itself,prob solved lol

Dr-ZOOM2978d ago

Glad to see the King of electronix pushing forward

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The story is too old to be commented.