Boy Scouts Award Gamer Highest Honour

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), just recently turned 100, has accepted the first ever Eagle Scout title for a videogame-related project.

Even old and venerable organisations such as the BSA is starting to join us in the 21st century, as they indirectly have started to support competitive gaming of StarCraft as a hobby.

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Cogo2999d ago

Oh really now?

Quite interesting. I mean a little badge is one thing, but this is like big....

Djorgo2999d ago

Yes, I saw that link too. Pretty cool, huh?

King Klear2999d ago

I wonder if it will start a trend...

Government Cheese2999d ago

I have a friend who became an Eagle Scout a year or so ago, I bet he would've loved to play games to get that honor though lol.

Djorgo2999d ago

That's pretty cool. I wonder if this will open floodgates for loads of video-game related Eagle Scouts...

theCHUNK2999d ago

I don't know... this is actually kind of sad to me. Playing on your computer seems like the opposite of what Boy Scouts is about.

Cogo2999d ago

Well, perhaps that's mainly just casual couch potato playing rather than competitive gaming?

freeblue2999d ago

more like i don't care what you do.. just join us and give us your membership fee.

i'm guessing with today health in american youth.. boy scout numbers are decreasing.

Fyzzu2999d ago

Hah. Okay, that's cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.