First Bulletstorm screens

Gamereactor writes: "Bulletstorm is the next game from Epic owned People Can Fly (Painkiller), and it does seem to have things in common with both that game and the Epic's monster franchise Gears of War. Have a look at the first images from the game below and we'll bring you our first look impressions very soon."

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hay3001d ago

Many will disagre but... Looks like Gears for me, with strange mix of Gears-esque and vivid colour and few twists(FPP, more human-like and floral enemies, some powers/techs, less power armors and more retarded faces).

Level of details is fantastic though. Looks like more Gears-esque fun.

Gamefan123001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

beat me to the post ..

it does remind me of Gears .. slight changes in style but overall reminds me of gears


here are only like 2 maybe 3 pics that are new. The other ones have been out for a couple of weeks now.

OmegaSlayer3001d ago

Really cool stuff, but the characters have the dumbest and most retarded faces I've seen in a while.
I hope they will correct them and make them look believable.
Those faces would look out of place in every game.

I understood PCF wanted a "Han Solo" attitude for the main character, but I don't think they nailed it.

Fanb0y3001d ago

From what I read of it a few weeks ago, Epic said this game has no co-op.

It's off my list. I'd rather wait for Gears of War 3.

Rich16313001d ago

It looks like a Gears of War meets Borderlands meets Duke Nukem kind of other words, SWEETNESS!