ARS - Alan Wake preview: a haunted man in an amazing game

ARS: Alan Wake has a pretty good life, all things considered. He's a successful author, he has a beautiful wife, and his agent is just waiting for the next book. The problem is that for two years, Wake hasn't been able to write. The words simply aren't coming. So his wife has an idea: take a vacation to the small town of Bright Falls to get away from everything.

Alan Wake, an Xbox 360 exclusive from Remedy Entertainment, has been in production a very long time; usually not the best sign in this business. We have a retail, final copy of the game in our office, and I spent last night delving into the world of a writer whose imagination may be a little more powerful than he realized. We're allowed to talk about the first "episode" of the game, so let's dig into what makes this so impressive.

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Natsu X FairyTail3006d ago

Everybody is saying the game is good. Imma have to stop reading these stories because I want the game so bad.

Nineball21123006d ago

This game IS good based on everything I've read.. I'd really like to play this game, and hopefully someday I will!

Enjoy it, Xboxers... it looks like one hell of a game!