Bungie: New Project To Be 'Even Better And Bigger' Than Halo

Bungie has widely stated its intention to build a "universe" with the new project at the core of its ten-year exclusive Activision deal. Certainly, the team's experienced at this -- Halo became an enormous franchise with multiple installments, a set of novels and even a board game.

But not only does Bungie hope to reprise the scale of that performance, it aims to top it. "We're in a really strong position with, I think, a lot of really good plans," design director Joe Staten tells Gamasutra.

"This is an opportunity for us to try to do it all again, but even better and bigger this time," he adds.

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nix2943d ago

well... bigger than Halo. Obviously. but won't be bigger than hmmm... let's say Uncharted 2. thanks to the "multiplatform" tag it carries.

all the best though.

BeaArthur2943d ago

nix...I'm confused by your statement. You are saying that because the next game will be multiplatform that it won't be bigger than U2? That doesn't make sense. You already have the 360 fan base and then you are also adding millions of potential customers on the PS3 and maybe the PC.

Pennywise2943d ago

I think Nix means bigger as in file size on disc.

Nineball21122943d ago

@ Pennywise... haha.

Yeah, that "might" be what he meant. But really... define bigger?

Are we talking sales, avg. review score, "epicness" of the game?

There is already tremendous interest in what they might do... so there is the possibility that this could be huge, but I think everyone is kinda getting ahead of themselves here. lol

BeaArthur2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Well that would make sense. But even still, I don't think that U2 is that much larger of a game than Halo 3 was, I guess if you take graphics into consideration it makes sense though.

TreMillz...well to be honest every developer should try to out do their last project.

TreMillz2943d ago

Trying to out do your own last project, claiming its going to be bigger than Halo, hell yea, bring that sh*t! Halo is nice btw...

Government Cheese2943d ago

Damn Bungie.. are you TRYING to kill the hype of Halo Reach? Gee wiz

sikbeta2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )


great answer lol


IMO it's clear Why Bungie have a Deal with Activision, Bungie saw How Further Activision Push MW Advertising and how it paid off and that's What they Want, they create a New Game and expand it, knowing that the publisher [AV] will be there o put loads of cash in advertising with every game developed

EvilBlackCat2943d ago

take your pill and go back to your cage

JsonHenry2943d ago

That is not saying much..

Montrealien2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I have a feeling Nix will just not answer. I mean that would defeat the whole purpose of flame bait no?

As for the article.

Why would they claim anything less about their next project? That`s PR. Could you imagine they came out and said..

-Our next game will be comparable and almost as good halo was.


So let me guess this straight, you are saying that Bungie went with activision because they where tired of MS not pushing the marketing for Halo? that is insane.

nix2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

ok... wait. i don't think anyone is thinking properly. given the "multiplatform" tag does anyone seriously think that any multiplatform games will be better than Uncharted 2 given that it has to LOOK same on both consoles (360 & PS3)?

that's why i said - maybe bigger than Halo because last time i checked Halo games don't push 360 much. you guys think ACTIVISION of all people is gonna let a game look better on PS3 than in 360?

i mean come on guys... stop putting your head in sand and pretend that whatever they do is gonna excel UC2. if the game is exclusive to PS3 or PC, then there's a chance.

and yeah.. what i meant was bigger in size and graphics. and i think that's what Bungie means. i'm not questioning the popularity here... hey even i might buy one.

Montrealien2943d ago

Oh I get it. U2 is the best and biggest game ever made in the history and future of games. Forgot about that one.

But to be fairI think World of Warcraft is bigger, has a higher resolution, bigger draw distance, wonderful textures, 100vs100 online pvp battles, one of the biggest seamless open worlds every made in the history of gaming and it came out in 2004. Uncharted 2, one of my favorite games of last year, to be fair, has shadows and foilage drawn in, 25 feet away. crazy stuff I know.

anyways, I am rambling, you think Uncharted 2 is the biggest, best looking game in the worl and no game can be bigger or better looking, but you are forgeting one major factor here. That its only your opinion.

captain-obvious2943d ago

you guys don't see it
Bungie worked on HALO for 10 year, thats a full decade and at the end of it they got nothing since MS takes all the profit since its their IP

all what bungie gets is what MS gives them
its like giving a birth to a baby and growing him up and then someone just takes him away

look at this
""Looking back at a decade of working on Halo that wasn't our IP we learned a lot from that and I think it was just a position that no one ever wants to be in again,""

im sure they got alot more stored for their new game
and this time they'll hype it more since they own the IP this time

WildArmed2943d ago

I think it's a tough call.
Every dev calls their next game 'bigger and better' than their previous games.

It's a matter of PR talk and self-motivation.

Ofc, Halo is one hell of a franchise dear to millions.

So Bungie has alot to prove

BeaArthur2943d ago

nix...well than you need to be more specific next time because "bigger" is a subjective term.

Nicholas Cage2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

so let me get this straight....

the game is going to be better than HALO...

why buy halo reach now? why not wait for this? ms is going to be outdone by a mulitplat.

vhero2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

"Bungie worked on HALO for 10 year, thats a full decade and at the end of it they got nothing since MS takes all the profit since its their IP "

Your wrong there as it was Bungies IP originally as anybody who actually knows anything about halo would know Bungie were originally developing Halo for Mac.
If MS owned the IP then that wouldn't have happened. I think that there is proof that Bungie owns some the IP that's why they said they won't be doing any more Halo games ever again.

Sure MS bought Bungie but the trademark would have been registered in Bungies name originally to stop other companys from stealing it. Every company trademarks a game name when they first start developing it.

Basically without Bungie MS cannot release a Halo game..

gaffyh2943d ago

It really does seem like MS has pissed Bungie off in some way, they seem to be distancing themselves from Halo more and more each day.

nix2943d ago

yup it's my opinion but i liked when you lost your head over it.

@BeaArthur: i think you meant "broader" but yeah i agree... q:

BeaArthur2943d ago I meant subjective.

Silver3602943d ago

Halo has become a platform symbol like Mario. You can never top those. No matter what game Bungie makes now it will never have the loyal following that Halo has. Think about it would Uncharted be so great if it was multi-platform? No! There is a certain cache added by being platform exclusive. And to this date in gaming you don't have developer fanboys only platform fanboys. MW may tried to start something new, but a lot of MW players were let down by MW2. Be it PS3, 360, or Wii it is being identified with a console that makes a game iconic. Think about this AC2 great game, but will anyone defend it like they do Halo or Kill zone or Super Mario World? So no Bungie next game will not be bigger than Halo it will just be another multi platform game tat sells a million or so units.

Tony P2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

@nix: You and Bungie meant something totally different. I don't get how you interpreted what they said as "takes up more disc space".

They were obviously talking about the size of the franchise itself. It's in the first three sentences. A pissing match over visuals has no place here.

As for Bungie's new thing... I doubt it. They can plan for it, but I don't think the success will warrant half as much attention as Halo. People don't often capture that kind of lightning in a bottle twice. Best of luck to them though. I mean, if anyone has a chance at crafting the vaunted "Halo-killer" it's the creators.

TotalPS3Fanboy2943d ago

anything that is better and bigger than Halo is always welcome.

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Wizziokid2943d ago

I'm looking forward to see what they do next, let's hope Activision don't f**k them over.

Nineball21122943d ago


Yeah, I agree. Let's hope Bungie is smart enough to get an agreement that is "iron-clad" with Activision. You'd think ANY developer would be extremely cautious with Activision after this whole IW debacle.

I'd want some compensation up front!!

It'll be really interesting to see what ideas Bungie has and what direction they'll go. Anyone think it won't be a FPS, though?

vhero2943d ago

Bigger?? I dunno... Better? Not hard really as Halo (minus the first game) wasn't that great it was just over-hyped to death and the fact it was the xbox 360 messiah made all who played it wear tinted goggles except the few like myself. It was a good shooter don't get me wrong but it was far from the best and didn't deserve half the praise it got. However I doubt Bungie could ever make a Bigger game than Halo as the name was huge.. I mean they made a strategy game version that was pretty terrible but it got pretty good reviews and sold over a million because it had the Halo name slapped on it. If it wasn't branded Halo it would have been there in the bargain bin and had terrible ratings.

BeaArthur2943d ago

vhero...well me and the other millions of fans have been wearing those tinted goggles for long after the release of Halo 2 and 3 so maybe, just maybe the game isn't as average as you think. Oh and for the record Halo Wars is easily the best online RTS on a console. Have you even played it? No, probably not. You just assume, and you know what they say about people who assume.

vhero2943d ago

Wow you really are the king of terrible comebacks eh?? Fair enough your obviously a fanboy so come back to me when you see games for what they really are. I bet you play Modern Warfare 2 aswell don't you?? I had Halo 3 before my last 360 broke and played halo wars at a friends and wars is by far not the best RTS on a console there are better on the wii.. However back onto Halo 2 and 3 they are a shadow of the first game they pale in comparison and only are Halo in name. ODST... well don't even get me started on that expansion pack...

BeaArthur2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

vhero...I think you have us confused. Fanboys own one console and have a delusional sense of loyalty all the mean while totally ignorant to the fact that competition is good for the industry. Oh, you played Halo Wars at your friends house? Was that 30 minutes you spent with the campaign a good appraisal of how the multiplayer plays? And if you are going to try and tell me that you played the multiplayer and made a fair assessment then let me stop you right there because you sampling it at your friends house means you got your a$$ beat (which is fine it happens to all new players, myself included). So somehow I think you are not so much an expert on how good or bad the game is. As for Halo 2 and 3 please go read my previous statement. Millions disagree with you so how about you try and not act like your opinion is somehow a fact.

Oh and I don't play MW2, I gave up on that after about a month and moved on to BC2. But what if I did still play it? What evaluation are you going to garner from that? I mean since you know me so well.

Montrealien2943d ago

Its ok Vhero, you are a marginalist. It makes you feel different, we get it.

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Mr Microsoft2943d ago

order to fill. Hopefully, Bungie will come through and match those words with deeds.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new stuff Bungie brings!

Brewski0072943d ago

Yup couldnt agree more, its good that gamers of both platforms now will get a chance to play their creations.

2943d ago
BeaArthur2943d ago

Believe it when I see it, although they will have the experience they gained with Halo to help them with whatever this new IP is. I'll have to see it to believe it but I think they can do it.

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